Slot Overview: Holding the Floating Dragon in Megaways and Spinning

Kites are and have been a huge hit in China. Some historians believe that two Chinese philosophers named Lu Ban and Mozi developed the kite sometime between 475-221 BC, during the Warring States Period in China. Apparently they were once employed for military objectives, including gauging distances to aid in the movement of troops, but nowadays they have a far more peaceful use. For one, they’ve been employed to add vibrancy to games like Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom’s Floating Dragon Megaways. It’s a continuation of Floating Dragon Hold & Spin, a game that has gained some notoriety in the streaming community. Will they find the Floating Dragon Megaways to be equally appealing? Raise a kite and drop by to see.

Both Floating Dragon Megaways and its forerunner, Floating Dragon, are Asian-themed video slots with a wide blue sky background, dragons, colorful plants, and a female protagonist who, rather than a fisherman, gathers fish money symbols. The story’s heroine waits patiently by the reels, giving players a seductive glance over her shoulder, and, if there, a few feature purchase buttons.

The game grid in this one is much larger than in the one before it. Floating Dragon Megaways replaces the traditional 5×3 grid with a massive grid consisting of 6 main reels that can carry up to 6 symbols each and 3 rows of 4 symbols each lying atop reels 2, 3, and 5. The first row is reserved for wild or blank symbols, whereas the second and third rows above it are completely open. Only symbols that have been unlocked in the top three rows can contribute to a winning combination. This system, at its full capacity, allows for up to 147,456 possible outcomes.

There’s a lot to like about Floating Dragon Megaways if you like numbers. The volatility is rather high (5 out of 5), and the RTP is 96.7% (though it may be found lower) for both the base game and the two optional extra rounds that can be purchased. You may place a wager from 20 pence to £/€250 for each spin.

Cash may be won in Floating Dragon Megaways if three or more identical symbols appear on adjacent reels, left to right. Royal 10s through Aces are the first pay symbols, followed by fish money symbols, a kite with a human face, a kite with a butterfly, a kite with a bird, and a kite with a ship. The payout for a full house (six of a type) ranges from 0.5 times the bet to 50 times the stake. The first reel has wild symbols, which may be used in place of any other symbol save for the scatter.

Slot Features: Hold the Floating Dragon, Spin the Megaways

Many of the game’s primary features return from the original, updated for the Megaways edition. You may expect to see features like as free spins, a Hold & Spin Bonus, a Feature Buy, and a Tumbling Reel.

Flip Function

After a spin, any winning ways are paid out, and the corresponding symbols are taken from the board. As vacancies are filled, symbols cascade down from above. After the filling, if a new victory is made, another tumble will begin. Rolls keep happening until there is no longer a victory.

Money Fish Symbol

During free games, the value of the fish money symbols can range from 2 to 5,000 times the wager. Fish money icons disappear and tumble normally in the standard game but remain on the screen and drop to the bottom during free spins.

Hidden Symbols

Both the regular game and the free spins have mystery symbols. All hidden symbols in the base game are revealed to be the same paying icon. Mystery symbols can appear and change into any other symbol at random during free spins if the lady symbol is in view and no fish money symbols are in view.

Bonus Turns

Free games of 10, 15, 20, or 25 are awarded for seeing 3, 4, 5, or 6 dragon scatter symbols. In free games, when the woman icon appears, she adds up the values of any nearby fish money icons. Whenever a female sign appears, it is also gathered. Multipliers are added to the amount of fish money the symbol gathers, and every time 4 Ladies are gathered, +10 more free spins are awarded. Multipliers of 2, 3, and 10 are generated, respectively, at successive collecting points. After that, the multiplier increases by a constant factor of x10 with each subsequent retrigger. Retriggered spins, which begin after a previous round of free spins concludes, are eligible for multipliers. Fish may be randomly added to the grid if there are already lady symbols present but none of either man or fish.

Cradle and Turn

Symbols of currency coins, which can occur everywhere except on the first reel, pay off from one to two thousand times the wager. The Hold & Spin Bonus is activated when 3 or more coin symbols appear. At the start of the bonus round, the coins that initiated it are frozen in place while all other symbols disappear. Once you get going, you get 3 respins, and any additional currency symbols you get lock in while the number of respins resets to 3. In addition, diamonds can appear, increasing the payout by 50-2000 times the initial wager. At the conclusion of the round, the total value of all visible symbols is rewarded. Three re-spins are given if the payout is less than 20 times the wager.

Premium Ads

Free spins may be purchased for 100x the stake, while the Hold & Spin Bonus can be purchased for 120x the bet.

Slot Opinion: Floating Dragon Megaways Hold & Spin

Pragmatic Play has only served to increase the hectic nature of an already action-packed game. The features of Floating Dragon Megaways are like an overflowing buffet; they are mostly standard fare, but there are enough of them. Since the original slot was successful, it makes natural that the gameplay will be preserved in the updated version. The team has done this, opting not to drastically alter the gameplay in order to accommodate the enormous Megaways gaming board.

There was nothing novel about the characteristics then, and there is nothing novel about them now. Both of the highlights have been used many times previously and are thus familiar. The first is a standard hold ‘n win game where the only symbols you need to hit to win are the dollar signs. Not much else to say about it, and the other key element clearly takes inspiration from games like Big Bass Bonanza, which popularized the concept of collecting symbols representing monetary amounts associated with fish. However, the fact that the multiplier has no cap during free spins is something that might raise a few eyebrows. In the past, it has often plateaued at a factor of 10. You’d be correct in assuming that the absence of a cap would increase the potential payout. In comparison to the maximum payout of 5,000x in Floating Dragon, Floating Dragon Megaways allows bets of up to 20,000x their original size. The maximum winning odds are 1 in 1,496,522, which isn’t great but is still competitive with other offers out there.

The statistics in Floating Dragon Megaways are impossible to criticize, but the game’s style and atmosphere may not appeal to everyone. If you enjoyed the first game and are looking for more of the same, Floating Dragon Megaways is likely to provide hours of fun.






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